When it comes to portrait and headshot photography, the choice between shooting indoors or outdoors isn’t just a question of lighting and backdrop—it's a decision that can also impact the mood and atmosphere of the images. 

Indoor Photography

Comfort and Control

One of the primary advantages of indoor photography is the ability to control various elements such as lighting, temperature, and background. For clients seeking a polished, controlled environment, indoor shoots offer a sense of comfort and predictability. And when you’re working in a city like Toronto - where the winters can be a little… committed? - shooting outdoors can really present some challenges for at least a few months a year!

Privacy and Intimacy

Indoor settings provide a sense of privacy, allowing clients to feel more at ease and express themselves freely. Whether it's a cozy home or a luxurious studio, the intimate atmosphere of indoor shoots can result in candid moments and authentic expressions that the fear of being constantly interrupted in a public space tends to stifle.


From professional headshots to lifestyle portraits, indoor settings offer versatility in terms of themes and concepts. Whether the client is aiming for a minimalist aesthetic or a bold, colourful backdrop, the options are virtually limitless within the confines of indoor spaces.

Outdoor Photography

Natural Beauty 

There's something magical about capturing moments amidst the splendour of nature. Outdoor shoots can offer vibrant backdrops and dramatic lighting that truly elevate images and make the subject pop.

Authenticity and Dynamism

Outdoor shoots also provide a dynamic environment that adds depth and authenticity to the images captured. Whether it's bustling streets or a green oasis like a forest or even a park, outdoor shoots can capture the essence of a moment in a way that indoor settings often can’t replicate.


Despite the unpredictable nature of outdoor shoots—the weather can sometimes change in an instant, and the light can evolve (or vanish!) in seconds—they offer a sense of spontaneity and adaptability that can often produce unique images.

Choosing the Right Setting

Ultimately, the decision between shooting indoors or outdoors for your headshot session comes down to personal preference, the desired vibe for the shoot, and any specific requirement for the final images: whilst corporate headshots are typically more suited to an indoor space, but don’t be afraid to mix things up in order to stand out from the crowd!